Ninja-sky and Penny run into Rebecca (excerpt work in progress)

rail crossing raleigh sm

While Rebecca created ribbon bows for bouquets behind the counter, the door opened up and two kids came in, a lanky girl with close-cropped, blonde hair, and well, if it wasn’t Ninja-sky . . . it was indeed Ninja-sky, looking very confused and red-faced, with his delightful cousin who bounced with every step in her sneakers. They appeared to be fresh from school.
Ninja-sky stared at Rebecca frozen in place while Penny cooed and touched damned near every flower and plant in the shop.
“Hey, Peter, wanna introduce me to your friend?” Rebecca smiled brightly, and did not hold back on the “gotcha”.
“Uh, Yeah, it’s my cousin, Pen—”
“I’m Penny.” She extended her hand and Rebecca accepted her warmly, “You two know each other?”
“Sure do! We go way back! Don’t we, Pete?”
“Sure,” Ninja-sky kinda darted his eyes out the window and then down to the floor, and then back to Rebecca’s face, whom he had trouble focusing on due to his many masturbatory fantasies that involved her. It was hard to imagine she wasn’t aware of it, and of course, the recent car use. He burned.
“I’m his cousin, from Lexington, staying here for a little while, while my mom dries out,” Penny shook Rebecca’s hand amicably.
“What brings you kids in?” Rebecca said, fully comprehending the entire story, “you need flowers?”
“Yeah we’re doing a fall break festival, we need some stuff, we have a budget,” she fished out a scrap of paper from her uber tight jeans.
“Oh Great! So Pete here is in charge of some festivities at school?” Rebecca grinned big.
“Pfff, not him, me!” Penny laughed.
Ninja-sky turned his back to them, watched out the glass front of the shop. The sky was turning a mean gray, and the evening was an hour earlier now. He didn’t listen much to the ladies working out the details of the flowers for the Saturday night festivities, garlands, fall leaf motifs, some pseudo-Halloween, agricultural vegetable stacking.
“Peter, take these for Penny,” Rebecca had sneaked up on him while Penny signed a receipt and now forced flowers into his hand, a small bouquet of orange roses and purple pom-pom looking things.
“What?” he recoiled a bit, but weakly accepted the flowers.
Rebecca smiled closely at him, “It’s OK, everything’s OK.”
Now Ninja-sky was plenty freaked out. What was OK? And why was it OK? Did she know he’d stolen her car? Did she know everything? Ninja-sky could smell her, she smelled amazing, her hands brushed his and everything that was terrible about his life seemed exaggerated by her amazing presence, it was like having a goddess touch you, and then having to go back to cows rasping at your work clothes with their giant tongues.
“Why?” was all he blurted.
And then Penelope was behind him, “Are those for me!” she downright squealed.
“Here,” he said blandly and jammed them into her stomach, “c’mon.”
“Oh thank you!” She said cheerfully, grabbing the flowers and smiling and waving at Rebecca as they left.
Rebecca laughed heartily into her hand, “Oh my god.”

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