The Curse of Grown Babies, and the Good Things that Need Our Support

Too many of our people are grown babies. They look like adults but they behave like children. Their only concern is a pragmatic self-interest. Others cost precious time not thinking of themselves. Such folks don’t engage in empathy. They look for excuses around responsibility. They maintain and live in bubbles of limited exposure to world events and culture. Like rabbits they only poke their noses out enough to whiff at the air and presume dangerous forces are at work, and rush back to the comforts of their cocoons.
Babies explore the world like this. Mom and Dad are kept in view, baby ventures away, tries kicking some sand, or balancing on the teeter-totter. When things go unexpectedly, a bug, another kid, a need to pee, baby runs back to parents for comfort.
Many people are some variation of a similar behavior. Mommy and Daddy may or may not be gone, but that’s OK because their presence is preserved in familiar comforts. Many of those comforts are in the form of baby foods, baby entertainments, and baby rituals. At the post hospital care facility my paralyzed friend was housed at the cable station was the one with endless sixties comedies running. There was always a hoard of broken people arrayed in front of the Andy Griffith, or Leave it to Beaver.
A baby can only see the world from his or her own perspective. A child covers up his or her face and you’re invisible, it is also presumed that you can’t see them. Soon enough a boy will be annoyed that the strange rule is that we hold doors for ladies. He might stubbornly cry out, “Why don’t they hold doors for me!” The answer isn’t clear, but it is culture, and culture is something that has to be taught. And it is hard to learn. It is hard to have your preferences and desires curbed. Why shouldn’t we sleep whenever we want? Why shouldn’t we eat whatever we want? Why can’t we watch as much TV as we want? Why don’t you clean up after me? It is an effort to curb, and many people never do get curbed much. Mothers may come in extreme varieties, those that dote and care-take too much, and those that barely do at all (or might be entirely missing). Both can create problems.
So grown babies want the world to kow-tow to them. They imagine that they’re at least on the right team and no one can take that away from them. But then immigrants come and liberals give them services. Those services belong to babies. Giving away those services means that there may be less services. If the service is say, petting. Well that petting should be done on baby’s head, not some Johnny come lately’s head. Someone might hold the door for Mrs. Immigrant and she’s got some weird accent and smells of spices baby has never tasted, also she dresses funny. Well, that door should be held for baby! Not for Mrs. Immigrant. And so on.
Baby’s rituals are wrapped up in religion and the famous Bible. The deadly ponderous church singing, and the looking pretty for the neighbors. Baby doesn’t really read the Bible. Baby listens to what others have to say and follow along. That’s the best. It’s easy and comfortable to fit in. If Pastor John says Rush Limbaugh is right, well that for sure is the right thing. And if Pastor John says gays are bad, well sure as bears poop in the woods, gays are bad. See? Easy! If the congregation is going to be out there protesting a movie, or a clinic, or a funeral then baby will be there because that’s baby’s familiarity.
By the way, life is difficult. Sometimes it’s hard to get a job. People in the bubble know you and treat you like a valuable player. They even listen when you talk and sometimes they pat your back and say “You’re right!” and “You’re smart!” While people outside the bubble are much less impressed. They might totally ignore or even laugh when baby speaks. Sometimes people outside the bubble disagree and even make you feel like you don’t know much. This infuriates baby and baby screams about oppression and bias. No one rushes to comfort baby at work, and work sucks.
Why isn’t baby an adult? Because no one required it.
Incidentally much of tribalism is about maintaining these bubbles of identity and comfort. Not many people are ready to let go of identity and aren’t really willing to be uncomfortable. Hell you’ll be lucky if you can get them to try Indian food.
Here is a small list of reasons why I think our place in the world is a great place. I’m not sure it needs to be called patriotism or thought of as necessary. As Americans we have terrific access to metropolitan areas that are loaded with food and culture from the world over. We can travel freely from state to state and visit friends and sample foods and arts from every corner. Speaking of arts, we have tremendous access to accomplished musicians of many kinds of old and new music from old blues and jazz to the most experimental of rock and electronica. We have writers from Faulkner to Vonnegut to Dorn and beyond to challenge and inspire us. We have indigenous people with amazing languages and religions and a long history with the land. We also have Spanish, French, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Italians, and many more all calling themselves Americans and proving us powerful for diversity. We also respect a certain individuality of spirit. We are not terribly interested in a conformity of tribalism, but instead directly encourage our students and people to adopt far reaching ideas and ideals, and be progressive, and create new inventions and argue for better ways to do things. We can live in the trees, or the cities. We can shop at the supermarket and forage for mushrooms. And we can read whatever we want. We can celebrate Henry Miller. We can ascribe to Adbusters. We can protest war and we can thank our soldiers. And we have sciences and researchers of all makes and styles. We have research universities second to none.
We have problems too. For example, we have too many grown babies. We’re trying to solve these difficulties. It’s not easy as we’ve never quite been here before. We’ll do our best, but if the world of nations comes to an end, NONE of the great things I’ve stipulated need come to an end, because these things are made by people. And people make and support nations. But, only if those institutions created by the people are also for the people, and take care of the people as well.

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