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Dr. Boomer Ray Beltgreeff is a scientist, writer, musician and martial arts instructor who is your friend. Yes, your friend. He cares about you in particular, especially YOU.

One day, while writing a novel, he realized he needed to know a bit more about science, and so he got his PhD in science.  This greatly improved his writing as you’ll soon see.

Jude the Obscure is a wonderful novel except for the ridiculous and awful marring of it by adding the entirely unnecessary suicide- murder sequence with the children.  It is otherwise the perfect novel for any academic’s experience. It is a terrible shame that Hardy felt it necessary to pander to his audience like that. And so I seek to correct these terrible errors!


Art shouldn’t be concerned with market.
What’s marketable is very nearly always refuse.
Also, I subscribe to the mildest of plot intents. While not every anecdote is worthy of a story-telling, not every story needs to pander to television trained entertainment sponges who can’t be wowed by anything short of a Zombie apocalypse.


Don’t be proud of things you had nothing to do with.

Exercise introspection, understand that you might be wrong. Never stop being rational and fighting for rationalism.

And have a wonderful day, friend!


The mushrooms in the header are Hygrocybe flavescens a common shroom of early summer. The photo was the winner of the Umstead Photo constest (2016). Photographed at Umstead Park, Raleigh, NC.

All writings and images are copyright BR Beltgreeff PhD. 2016

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